• We’re your one-stop aquarium shop.

    Our staff’s knowledge of and passion for aquatic creatures and the aquarium hobby set us apart from the rest. We offer a full range of aquariums and equipment. We are southern Chicagoland’s authorized retailer for Aqueon, Fluval, Red Sea and Innovative Marine. We carry equipment and service parts for Ecotech Marine, Aquaillumination, Neptune Systems, Kessil, IceCap, Sicce, and Reef Octopus.

    We have a wide selection of freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, freshwater plants, invertebrates and live rock. We receive new saltwater fish every Wednesday and new Freshwater fish every Thursday.

    We look forward to meeting you and talking about fish, plants, and corals!

With over 35 years of aquatic experience and an unsurpassed knowledge of filtration and plumbing, our staff is equipped to help you make your aquarium dreams a reality!

  • Education and experience are key to hobby success.

    Our goal at Aquatica is long-term relationships with our customers. We are not in the business for the initial one-time sale. We are in the hobby to help our customers long-term by making the hobby as enjoyable and easy as possible. Our quality selection of aquariums will surely light up the excitement of a true aquatic experience.

  • Discover effective aquarium solutions for your specific needs.

    In addition to our vast array of supplies, we also carry a full line of fish and coral foods to maintain a healthy and balanced aquarium. Our synthetic coral collection is an alternative to the unnecessary harvesting of living organisms. The realism and colors are made to match numerous marine ecosystems and bring a piece of the ocean into your home or office.

    Installation & Services